PAVARINI was founded in 1956 as a manufacturer of components and agricultural machinery.

During the early eighties the management decided to leave manufacturing of agricultural machinery and focuses exclusively on components and rod end for hydraulic cylinders.

Later in the eighties the company (with the take over of the current management) was converted into a stock joint company and acquired the name of ‘PAVARINI COMPONENTS SPA’. A big step in terms of industrial and marketing reorganization was taken, with the target of following and meeting our customers needs.

On the basis of this set up PAVARINI COMPONENTS SPA could increase its product range by adding brackets for hydraulic cylinders and clevis for pneumatic cylinders to reach a leading position in its own sector.

The third millennium has started with a new challenge; to place side by side the traditional sector with the engineering, manufacturing and sales of a new product line like cooling systems for electric enclosures and chillers for industrial fluids, which are known with the brand TEXA.

The constant research of new technology, product evolution in harmony with a more and more environmentally friendly and energy saving concepts, makes PAVARINI COMPONENTS SPA the company that keeps customer’s needs and goals as the main reference of its own philosophy even in a more and more competitive globalized world.

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