M-TEC POWDER – Partner for The European Metal Powder Market

M-tec powder GmbH is a part of the group m-tec. The group, with head-office in Töging am Inn and production facilities in Voerde, Germany. M-Tec Powder team is well experienced on metal powder production and application. M-tec powder provide solutions for iron & steel, defense, refractory, chemicals, automotive, foundry, etc. with stable product quality and well experienced team. Please see below main products and application areas;

image004Aluminum granules, flakes and powders;

Molten Aluminum is dissipated by high pressure gases using a variety of proprietary atomizing nozzles. The liquid metal solidifies into particles which are collected and separated into the desired particle size distribution. We can tailor our Aluminum powders to meet the most stringent chemistry, particle size and particle shape customer specifications.


With our state-of-the-art atomizing technology and powder processing capabilities such as screening, classifying, blending and coating, developed with more than 40 years of experience, we ensure the highest standards of safety, reliability and product quality

REMARKS: Aluminum powder production only air or gas atomization are used powders from the primary cyclones are further processed via sieving, classification, passivating and blending ultrafine aluminum powders are separated by secondary cyclones or classifier.

M-Tec Powder able to produce sizes from 1600 µm to 15 mm according to Customer requirements.


Production Capacity

2018 2019 2020
Secondary Al-powder 1800 MT 3600 MT 4200 MT
Secondary Al-Powder

(mechanically processed)

300 MT 450 MT 600 MT
Primary Al-Powders 1800 MT 3600 MT 5400 MT

Magnesium powders, chips and granules;

Production by machining. Solid metal ingots are mechanically processed by grinding or scratching, milling and sieving (or atomizing)



Sıvı Ham Demir Kükürt Giderme

M-tec Powder provides solutions for hot metal desulphurization for integrated steel plants.  Seratime Magnesium blends prepared according to Customer specifications and requirements. Desulphurization blends contain Mg97, Mg95, Mg90, Mg66 etc. with cryolite or without cryolite.

image010Steel Desulphurization at LMF

M-tec Powder provides solutions for steel desulphurization in steel plants. Seratime Fluid lime injected in to ladle through lance and provides a solution for desulphurization.

Synthetic Slags,

M-Tec Powder are able to create solution for steel refining at VD-VOD and LMF with synthetic slag. M-Tec powder synthetic slags have a wide range of chemical specification. Synthetic slags create desired slag viscosity and composition to keep inclusions inside and provide clean steel for your customer. You can find range of META products as below.

META CaO % Al2O3 % Al meatllic % SiO2 % MgO % Fe2O3 % TiO2 % CaF2 % Na2O+K2O % H2O (120 0C) % L.O.I. % Grain Size
Bulk Density
Melting Point
META 3000 54 max. 2 6,5 36 0,5 max. 0,5 max. 0,5 max. 2 0-2 1,0
META 3001 41-43 16-18 22-24 12-14 max. 3 max. 2 max. 0,8 1-3 0,4 0,95 1400 +/- 30
META 4001 min. 64 13-23 max. 1,6 8-18 max. 0,8 0 max. 0,5 0-10
META 4002 min. 50 25-35 max. 3,0 8-14 max. 0,25 0 max. 0,5 0-10
META 4003 32-56 19-29 25-35 4-9 max. 0,1 0-9
META 4005 50-60 5-15 max. 2,0 10-18 0-10
META 4007 min. 64 13-23 max. 1,6 8-14 max. 0,8 0 0-10
META 4009 67-70 14,5-16 max. 1,5 10-12 max. 1,5 max. 0,3 max. 0,10 0-8
META 4011 61-63 18-30 2,5-3,5 max. 2,5 max. 1,5 max. 0,1 max. 0,80 0-10
META 4020 15-21 70-78 max. 1,0 1,5-2,0 max. 0,05 0-8
META 5000 45 45 5 1.Oca 2 1,5 0-10 1400
META 5001 45 45 2 1 0,5 0,05 0-10 1400


M-Tec Powder uses great experience in Foundry Industry. M-Tec Powder can provide products for inoculants, nodulizer alloying etc. High purity Mg cored wire available in our product range. Please see product list for more detail.


 M-Tec Powder   provides supply services to aerated concrete industry with aluminum flakes, granules and pasta products used in the production of aerated concrete.

MagnesIum GranuleS Steel Making
SynthetIc Slag Steel Making
Mg Ingot & Flake Foundry, Defense
NI-Mg Foundry
Al-Mg Foundry
Ca-Mg Foundry
AlSIMg Foundry
CaSI Steelmaking, Cored Wire
FeSIMG Foundry
FeSi Steelmaking, Foundry
Ca Foundry, Steelmaking
Sİ GranulES, POWDER Refractory
Mn Flakes Steelmaking, Alloying
Calciumcyanamid (CaCn2) Steelmaking
Az91, Az31, Am50, Am60 Foundry
Mg Cored WIre Foundry
AlumunIum Powder&Flakes Cement, Refractory, Defense