AWU Precision Slovakia K.S. produces work and intermediate rolls for steel service centers, cold rolling mills and line manufacturers, cylindrical columns for thermoforming machines and highly precise, cylindrical, induction hardened and grinded components for many manufacturers.

Founded in 1962 in Germany, AWU Precision Slovakia K.S. is continuing its production in Slovakia since 2004.

The applications might be different, there are some similarities all products share

  • Cylindrical
  • Induction hardened
  • Wear resistant
  • Grinded
  • Very precise
  • Long and thin
  • Deep-hole drilled

AWU is doing all turning, milling, grinding, surface hardening by induction, deep drilling operations in-house.


– Turning CNC-turning Ø 8 – 250 mm, lengths up to 4.000 mm. Specifications: long and slim parts, small series, single and double spindle with driven tools.

– Milling of grooves and areas up to 2 700 mm into hardened and non-hardened material, as well as front drilling.


Centerless grinding;

From Ø 8 – 50 mm up to 1 500 mm length, cylindrical shape 3 µm. Also straightening prior to grinding.


From Ø 8 – 250 mm, up to 4 000 mm length, max. up to 1 000 kg,

Ø tolerance: IT5.


Induction hardening;

Up to 3 000 mm length, Ø up to 250 mm, depth of hardening 4 – 6 mm according to material and diameter, max. 1 000 kg of single weight, relief of internal stresses and tempering to 300 °C, straightening before and after hardening.


Deep-hole drilling;

Holes with Ø of 5 – 26 mm, up to 700 mm length or both-sides up to 1 400 mm length, max. 100 kg of single weight

For more than 55 years AWU is considered as a leading manufacturer of highly precise, cylindrical, induction hardened and grinded components.


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