KUSHVA Roll Manufacturing Factory is the modern enterprise providing full rolls manufacturing cycle. Staff consists of 720 persons. The main manufacturing departments are: Roll foundry and Roll machine shop.

KUSHVA Roll Manufacturing Factory is one of the oldest Ural plants.

The factory was founded in 1735 as the State steel foundry to process iron ore from new discovered highest-grade field at the Blagodat Mountain. In 1964 the 1st roll was cast in the KZPV foundry. From year 1964 KZPV is a specialized factory for producing cast iron rolls.


Melting of metal for rolls is carried in induction crucible middle frequency furnaces. During melting process the thermo graphical analysis are done in order to get stable properties of metal. Material quality obtains due to observance of technological parameters of smelted metal and supervised by special computer programs, which allow us to reach the exact specified chemical composition of metal.

Today KZPV is able to cast, machine and deliver:

  • Hot rolling mill rolls for flats (both with 3 and 5% Cr content)
  • Hot rolling mill rolls for section mills

Technology of casting for ICDP and ICDP CE rolls for HSMs and plate mills

The technology of centrifugal casting of rolls was developed by experts of _ZPV together with experts of leading scientific metallurgical world institutions. Working layer of ICDP and ICDP CE rolls are casted from alloyed metal on centrifugal machine with horizontal axe of rotation. The metal of working layer is poured in centrifugal machine.

b3During rotation we put inside of mold a special mixture to prevent the inner side of working layer from oxidation. After full stop of the mold with working layer metal it is set on the lower neck mold. In certain time interval metal of core is poured with certain temperature.

Using of complicated method of time-temperature balance allows good connection in the intermediate area between working layer and core.


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Production quality control

Ultrasonic testing takes place in process of machining. It is made in order to reveal latent defects. Control of the internal residual stresses allows us to be sure that shell and core materials are balanced correctly. Also the residual austenite content on barrel surface is checked for stable operating properties achievement.

Rolls quality is controlled on each step of production. In process of Metal preparation we carry our chemical composition snap by spectral method using automatic analyzer «OBLF». Before mechanical operation templates from each roll are cut off, for further examination in order to:

– Control microstructure of rolls shell and roll necks;

– Determine hardness and mechanical properties of shell and necks;

– Determine size and location of graphite on various depths of shell.

Preservation treatment, packing and shipment

Before shipment in order to protect rolls from corrosion and mechanical failures we cover them with corrosion-preventing layer and after that pack them with flexiguard. We encase roll necks with wooden strips in order to prevent them from transportation damage. Preservation and packing allows transport of the rolls by all types of transport.