Our business

Sorbit was established in 1992. Firstly, the company was specialized in the heat treatment of steels, building on a rich experience of the local – RAVNE – metallurgical know-how. The local metallurgical tradition in RAVNE goes back to 1620, where the first steel production on the location was started.


Later on, SORBIT started with its own mechanical capabilities (turning, grinding, milling…) and started a production of final products: forged steel rolls and industrial knives.

Today, the main products are forged steel rolls for cold metal strips rolling, specially, rolls for 20Hi and 4HI / 6HI mills.



Production of forged steel rolls for 20HI (Sendzimir, Sundwig type) and 4HI / 6HI cold rolling mills. SORBIT is specialized in the production of forged steel rolls for cold rolling of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Specially, SORBIT is a specialist for forged steel rolls from high alloyed steels (tool steels, HSS steels, PM steels), as rolls for:

  • Forged steel rolls for 20-Hi mills Sendzimir / Sundwig Type
  • Forged steel rolls for 4HI and 6HI cold rolling mills


Forged steel rolls 20-Hi mills Sendzimir / Sundwig Type:

 Dimensional range:

Max. Diameter: D500mm

Max. Length: 4000mm

Max. Weight: 2500 kgs


Forged steel rolls for 4HI and 6HI cold rolling mills:

 Dimensional range:

Max. Diameter: D500mm

Max. Length: 4000mm

Max. Weight: 2500 kgs


In SORBIT we produce all types of rolls for cluster and other mills in the dimensional range of D20mm to D500mmand up to a maximum length of 4000mm.

In order to produce high quality rolls, a good steel and a good heat treatment of the steel are crucial. Work and intermediate rolls are produced from high alloyed tool steels, high speed steels and PM steels.

All the rolls from SORBIT are checked to the following and delivered with the acc. certificates:

  • Chemical analysis of the steel;
  • Ultrasonic testing for material inclusions and defects;
  • Hardness testing with an allowed tolerance of +/- 1HRC;
  • Ferro-flux test for surface cracks;
  • Dimensional control;


The rolls are packed into solid seaworthy wooden cases as per IPPC 15 standards: multiple rolls in boxes, each roll single packed and protected with anti corrosive grease and waxed paper.

For more info please visit SORBIT website:  https://www.sorbit.si/