With a history of over 70 years, SALDOTECNICA is a pioneer in the field of oxy-cutting.

Always rooted in the territory in which saw born 70 years ago thanks to the intuition of its official founder Cav. Mr. Verna as a official distributor of technical components (CASTOLIN), SALDOTECNICA under the guidance of the MAGNANI family from the 70 years up to 2000, SALDOTECNICA been able to adapt to the continuous innovation of the iron and steel industry going half a century and facing the new millennium as a reference point in oxy-cutting technology.

To date SALDOTECNICA can boast almost 1000 plants sold all over the world, some of them still working after 40 years of operation.
In 2015 a company leads to a radical change, SALDOTECNICA LIGURE SRL is sold to foreign investors and SALDOSIDER SRL, changes its name to SALDOTECNICA EUROPE SRL becoming the only reference for the steel industry.

image005Today SALDOTECNICA is a young and dynamic company led by a new CEO Mr. Luca GIUSTI who from the technical sector with an ultra 20 experience annals restructure the old SALDOTECNICA replacing the pivotal figures giving a boost to the company growth.


New CEO’s strategy will be oriented towards customer satisfaction and market diversification in order to seize different opportunities and expand the company’s production capacity in order to foster growth by disengaging from critical suppliers and laying the foundations for total control of production and quality.

The SALDOTECNICA EUROPE plants are designed according to the different needs of the individual customer following the principle “Taylor made” which is a value that has always distinguished our company.

The machines are designed based on the layout of the plant, type of cast steel, cutting sections, casting speed and specific customer requirements.

The cutting machines are designed and built to meet the needs of strength, durability and performance required today by customers, are developed to integrate perfectly on the billets/blooms continuous casting plants.

We can supply torch-cutting lines for curved and vertical casting lines.


The cars on which the oxycutting systems are installed are made with welded steel structures having characteristics suitable to operate in harsh environments such as meltshops, are designed with cooling systems on the most heat exposed areas and have characteristics as listed below:

  • Sturdy steel structure
  • Handling wheels in quality steel
  • Linear actuators with potentiometer and limit switch inverters for position control and torch movement
  • Pneumatic billet clamping system

Independent granulation system

SALDOTECNICA EUROPE scarfing machines are designed and built to meet the requirements of robustness, durability and performance demanded today by customers.
The structure on which the scarfing systems are installed is made with a welded steel structure having characteristics suitable to operate in harsh environments such as those of the meltshops, it is designed with cooling systems on the most exposed hear areas.

SALDOTECNICA EUROPE high thickness cutting machines for forge are built and designed on the basis of our many years of experience in quality cutting for high thickness.
Machines are designed to operate interfaced with CNC cutting systems that allow to perform cuttings on complex profiles in harsh environments that expose the machine to continuous thermal stress.


The machines can be configured according to the different needs of the customer, and their sizing is developed as a function of productivity, cutting thicknesses and types of steel.

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