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Industry 4.0 has a main challenge:

Exploit the Big Data goldmine accumulated over many years by manufacturing companies. PEPITE addresses this with state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence’s Machine Learning Algorithms.

It reveals low performance’s root causes, then optimize in real-time plant efficiency: yields, throughput, product quality, energy consumption and equipment health and availability with Predictive Maintenance. This facilitates and speed up fact-based decision making.


PEPITE’s 15 years experiences in Manufacturing Data Analytics lead to the development of a comprehensive solution, combining DATAMAESTRO software with OPTIMAESTRO methodology. DATAMAESTRO interfaces seamlessly with machine and process data to implement Advanced Analytics with artificial intelligence in a few days. OPTIMAESTRO is a lean methodology supporting improvement project implementation and knowledge transfer your best guaranty of success.





Minimize energy consumption in variable processes.



Improve yields, productivity, reduce utilities, solve quality problems



Improve metal yield and process productivity.

Advanced analytics for steel manufacturing


  • The steel industry is facing many challenges to improve competitiveness in a global market.
  • “Industry 4.0”, and in particular advanced analytics, can help steel plants to increase throughput, yield and reduce specific energy consumption.
  • For many years PEPITE has been working in the steel industry demonstrating added value of advanced analytics to:
    • Accelerate troubleshooting of product quality issues
    • Predict mechanical properties of steel to increase throughput
    • Improve energy efficiency
    • Detect early drifts of equipment performance for predictive maintenance
  • image013PEPITE is providing state-of-the-art advanced analytics solutions to global steel manufacturers such as ArcelorMittal, NLMK, Tata Steel, CMI
  • Improve accuracy of hot-rolling mill presetting
  • Quenching: Enable a complex process control strategy
  • Plate mill: Steel plate leveler optimization
  • Improve energy consumption of hot dip galvanization
  • Optimize steam and electricity generation
  • Mitigate quality crisis in hot dip galvanization


Optimize blast furnace operations


Extraction profile of liquid steel from blast furnaces can impact productivity and steel quality. Classifying profiles and understanding parameters that influence the extraction profile is a cumbersome task even for steel experts.



Using advanced analytics on historical data helped to quickly pinpoint the root causes of quality issues. Together with the client, root causes were identified after a few hours of analysis. Without analytics this could have taken days of expensive trial and error investigation before resolving the issue.

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