The former of LMM Group is a state owned special company with more than ten years experience in mining, metallurgy & metal industry, and now rebuilt the multi-national shareholding group with structures of operation.

It specializes in all kinds of raw materials, consumables, stores & spares, bulk material handling & heavy equipment etc. for various industries in world market.

Scope of business

Refractory material & Product

  • Iron & Steel Industry
  • Cement Industry
  • Glass industry
  • Primary Aluminum Industry
  • Copper & Nickel smelting industry

Carbon & Graphite product

  • Graphite electrode for EAF & LRF
  • Carbon block for Blast furnace & Ferroalloy industry

Bulk Material & Heavy Load Handling Equipment

  • Wagon Tippler (Car Dumper)
  • Belt Conveyor
  • Pipe Belt Conveyor
  • Stacker & Reclaimer
  • Ship Loader & Unloader
  • Shipyard Transporter
  • Block Positioning Unit (Ship Section Aligner)
  •  Cable Drum Transporter

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Heavy Equipment & EPC Project

  • Crusher
  • Ball Mill
  • Vertical Raw Mill
  • Vertical Coal Mill
  • Flotation Machine
  • Thickener
  • Coke Oven Plant
  • Air Separation Plant
  • Coal Preparation Plant
  • Continuous Casting Line
  • Rolling Mill
  • PCI for Blast Furnace
  • Sintering Machine
  • Pelletizing Plant

Spare parts for metallurgy machine

  • Copper mold tube & mold plate for continuous caster
  • Inner casing, mold assembly
  • ESR/VAR Crucible
  • Ingot Mold
  • Water cooled equipment
  • Oxygen burner & lance
  • Burning Bar (Thermal Rod) & ceramic coating calorized oxygen lance pipe
  • Crystallizing equipment
  • Bearing, valve & mills rolls


Oxygen Plants

Coil painting Robots

Wagon Tippler System

Coal Preparation Plant