has stood for the project planning, design and production of equipment and machines for the metallurgy and foundry industry since more than 50 years. Breaking out slag and refractory material from furnaces and metallurgy vessels is the primary focus. HOLTMANN is at home in this specialised field and you as a user reap the full benefits of our comprehensive know-how. Profit from decades of experience in this highly specialised field and especially from very close cooperation with users.

By sharing their special requirements, our users helped ensure that HOLTMANN products were adapted more and more effectively to conditions of use in practice over the years.

That has made HOLTMANN one of the leading manufacturers of special equipment in the international market.

This is also emphasized by the fact that HOLTMANN naturally meets all requirements of DIN ISO 9001 and additional international directives, rules and standards.



Smooth operating processes in steelworks and aluminium plants would be unthinkable without highly modern and technically sophisticated break-out machines. HOLTMANN offers break-out machines developed for steel and raw iron as well as the aluminium industry, respectively with their own concept. These highly specialised machines are intended for removing excess residues, slag and refractory materials, for example from steel and raw iron ladles.

A precision break-out machine from HOLTMANN also reliably removes the slag from electric furnaces and converters as well as the spouts of mixer wagons. Both in hot and cold areas of raw iron plants, steelworks and aluminium plants, a break-out machine from HOLTMANN can be precisely adapted to the respective working environment and used economically.


The tap hole drilling and resleeving machine has been developed together with the renowned company Maschinentechnik Roth based in Hilden, Germany. Both companies are working in steel plant business for many years and have a wide knowledge in the field of special machinery and equipment.

Our efficient and time saving system is an all-in-one solution for our customers, drilling of the old tap hole, resleeving and fixation of the new taphole is being done by machine without any intervention by personnel, only the operator will handle the machine via radio remote control and is able to work from a safe position with best view on the working cycle.

The machine can be equipped with steel or rubber plate crawler undercarriage, type of driving can be either diesel or electric motor.


Our product portfolio in the field of de-bricking machines has steadily grown in recent years. Now also small and medium-sized models are available. The smallest model starts at 6.5t total weight and can be carried out with a sectional or telescopic boom. Optional hydraulic adjustable undercarriages, supports and many other features are available.

The small and medium size excavators are either equipped with powerful diesel or electric motors.

Classic applications in iron and steelworks or foundry are ladles, furnaces, runners, tundish or torpedoes. But due to their versatile design they can also be used in cement, nuclear or civil industries.



Skimming machines are used worldwide in large steel factories. In order to ensure a smooth flow of processes in the steelworks, the skimming machines used must be extremely robust, durable, and of high quality.

For years, HOLTMANN has been providing steelworks with high-quality machines for skimming the melt. Also in crude iron factories, our flexible skimming machines, which can be configured for the respective working environment, are effectively used. A special feature of the design of our high-quality HOLTMANN skimming machines is the modular construction of the individual components. This enables the user in the steelworks to precisely adapt the machine to the working environment.

Such an approach optimizes work flows, saves time and costs, and makes a significant contribution to the profitability of the steelworks. International customers appreciate these advantages of our state-of-the-art skimming machines.



The modern metallurgical industry demands more and more universal solutions for the daily work within their plants. Therefore, the demand for possible applications increases continuously. To meet these demands and relieve the workforce, Holtmann engineers have developed compact multifunctional machines such as the A40.

The scope of application extends from breaking small or large vessels to drilling, milling or profiling runners, tap holes or tundish to cleaning hoods or all cleaning work on concrete, refractories or slag.

The versatile movements of the boom reveal possibilities to work in hard-to-reach areas such as high and low altitudes and hot areas.

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