FLAME TECHNOLOGIES, Inc. (“Flame Tech”) is a manufacturer of high production, cost efficient direct replacement tips and gas apparatus, supplying the US and international markets. Our client base consists of welding distributors.

FLAME TECHNOLOGIES’s philosophy and commitment to the fabricating industry is to provide high quality products, excellent service, competitive pricing, and to be responsive to our customers’ needs. Flame Tech® is proud to be delivering customer satisfaction since 1980.

FLAME TECHNOLOGIES understands the specific needs of steel mills, foundries and scrap yards, and our quality products show it.

Steel mills require fast action with immediate results.

FLAME TECHNOLOGIES’s machine cutting torches cut billets/slabs clean through with narrower cuts, faster. Keep your crew productive and OSHA happy with our torch safety classes.

The FLAME TECH EM® (External Mix) torches and tips are of a completely new design to increase productivity. The External Mix type tip assures safety, high quality cutting, long life, ease of operation and economy. For use with propane, propylene or natural gas, cutting materials up 22+ inches thick

Scorpion® scrapper torches are designed to be tougher, safer and more efficient than leading brands.

  • The solid brass, forged heads have long life and resist distortion from abuse.
  • Check valves are included to prevent reverse gas flow.
  • Stainless steel tubes in triangular configuration retain strong construction while reducing weight.
  • Single-gas head-mix or multiple-gas tip-mix models available.

FLAME TECHNOLOGIES INC manifold cabinets custom designed for any oxy-fuel application and are available in single or multiple torch configurations, and are custom built to fit any cutting or heating application.

Example of how Gas Mizers save gas:
Gas Mizers keep gas flowing to the caster cut-off torch that is in “stand-by” mode, saving around 70% of gas over standard cut-off stations. The reduced gas flow is still sufficient to maintain a slow and steady burn on the torch, so as not to lose the flame. The fast-acting regulation system keep Gas Mizers ready at the push of a button, to give full gas flow proper cutting performance immediately!

Flashback arrestors help to prevent personal injury and property damage by stopping gas flow during flashbacks/burnbacks. FLAME TECHNOLOGIES recommends flashback arrestors on torches and/or regulators for all applications.


  • High flow output.
  • Stops flashback fire with no resetting needed.
  • Built-in check valve prevents the reverse flow of gas.
  • 100% flame and leak tested and meets strict ISO 5175.

Low open/cracking pressure: 1 PSIG (70 mbar).

For more details about FLAME TECHNOLOGIES INC products you can visit company website www.flametechnologies.com